Wikipedia Launched 239 Days Before 9/11 - A Golden Gate Ritual? Previously, I have ...

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... demonstrated how Wikipedia first page entries are showing fascinating number correlations to important events. Which makes sense from a hermetic perspective, where the thoughts of the people researching a Wikipedia page are loading it up with intentions and energy. Theoretically, this energy can then be redirected to multiply the creators original intention.

Also, the point in time of its creation creates a connection to stars and numbers, that paints a symbolic picture and gives the whole page and the topic it is about a vibration/energy of its own. It also might serve to communicate information to the initiated in a public yet occulted way. Obviously this is all mere speculation on my part. You should make up your on mind.

Examples for this are the 2020 Oscar ceremony, with Joaquin Phoenix receiving the Oscar exactly 888 weeks after his first Wikipedia entry, while Eminem performed his 888th Billboard No. 1 hit "Loose Yourself", 6620 days after his own first Wikipedia entry (reverse 266, see below for explanation). The Joaquin Phoenix as well as the Eminem rabbit hole goes much deeper, so these numbers are just the tip of the ice berg.

Wikipedia And The Golden Gate
The launch date of Wikipedia was exactly 239 days before the September Eleven Attacks aka 9/11. We have seen the number 239 being used many times before on my channel, as it equals "Golden Gate" in Jewish gematria, where the rules of Hebrew gematria are applied to the Latin alphabet. There is also the 23/9 date, the 266th day of the year, pointing the position of the Golden Gate at the ecliptic between 1939 and 2010.

What Is The Golden Gate?
The Golden Gate is also called the Gate of God, ruled by Osiris and exit-point for the souls after death. It comes from Egyptian Sun worship and seems to be a fundamental part in astrotheology. You can learn more about Isis and Osiris worship in Bill Cooper's radio show from the early 90's, Mystery Babylon - The Hour of the Time.

Today, we know that the Golden Gate is actually the center of our galaxy, the central black hole of the Milky Way. There are four key events that show a massive coding with symbolic numbers in all directions:

  • The Opening of the Golden Gate Bridge on 5/27/1937
  • The Golden Gate entering 266° of the ecliptic on 3/31/1939
  • The Golden Gate entering 267° of the ecliptic on 12/11/2010
  • The Four Blood Moon Tetrad midpoint on 1/5/2015

The tetrad midpoint is a special highlight here. The first and last eclipse point with 266 days to their midpoint. And the second and third point each with 90 days to the midpoint. 90 equals "Golden Gate" in English Ordinal gematria, where A=1, B=2,... Hence, it was a double Golden Gate symbolism in the numbers on the midpoint. And then NASA reported on that midpoint the largest megaflare from the actual galactic center, which we know is the Golden Gate.

9/11 and Coronavirus Pandemic A Golden Gate Ritual?
The September Eleven Attacks and the Coronavirus Pandemic, or 9/11 and 3/11, are connected via the day the Golden Gate entered 267° - both events were exactly 111 months before and after that day.

9/11/2001 left 111 days in the year.

In English Sumerian gematria we get for the number 1110 the following:

  • "Donald John Trump"
  • "World Trade Center"
  • "Book of Revelation"
  • "Bottomless Pit" - mentioned in Revelation 9:11, the golden ratio verse of Revelation

Just wow, after we already learned about Trump's number connection to both the Golden Gate and the Twin Towers via the number 589. And then all the countless pandemic connections that I have listed in earlier posts.


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We're cruising up to the Last Day of this present Age. That is my perspective bro.
I need to point you to this:


This is another Saturn/Black Sun reference with the rings from the album cover of the band "Bad Brains" (BB=88) with the rings leaving in three sets of lines. The globe is the Earth.
Just like the 1933 Chicago World's Fair logo.

Notice the energy Volt zig zags like the "SS" symbol the Nazi's used (Alchemical Spark). And the Lion (messianic) entity that is a result of the "Spark".
This band appears to have more relevant occult album covers:

Notice the Capitol Dome getting blasted where the goddess statue(Isis) stands. Babylon the Great (USA) is the birth canal of Isis for the Osiris Beast.
Yet another album cover here shows the Corona/Crown/Sun as the crowned messianic (Antichrist) Lion again. "God of Love." (Thelema)

And if that wasn't enough dude, they have another album called "Black Dots" and it is just a literal Black Hole/Black Sun!

Which is just another Saturn/Abyss/Black Hole/Black Cube reference to the Beast again.
Thoughts here? Are there probably more dates to connect? Crazy stuff.
(Great post with the Wikipedia/Golden Gate revelation)

Forgot to add another album cover from this band:

Notice that lion again - but on its head is a Star of Remphan/Moloch! Saturn Beast symbolism again, knocking the tower down.

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