Donald Trump, Eminem and Osiris - How Wikipedia Uses First Page Entries For Magic. If ...

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... you believe that Wikipedia is a trustworthy free encyclopedia, you haven't done your homework. There was a law suit in Germany which have forced a German super user with a lot of influence on Wikipedia to reveal his identity to the public, because he was heavily editing thousands of pages. He meticulously worked to defame people who share their opinions outside of the mainstream agenda with entries like "conspiracy theorist", to manipulate readers immediately to throw this person into a box of weirdness.

Even the English sister pages often don't use these wordings (seems to work better in German), although they have the same problem of high ranking super users, who are likely paid, as you can easily see when you look at their monthly outputs, which are full time jobs with overtime.

But the rabbit hole goes deeper. As I have shown several times before, the very first entry of a Wikipedia page is a time marker of the content and hence its symbology, which can connect to important events with meaningful numbers - on purpose. If you look at it from a Hermetic perspective, it carries a certain vibration, which connects the content with the real world, which can be loaded up with intention from the creator of that page and then from all the readers who come later and bring their attention and consciousness towards this topic. Powerful stuff, if you believe in magic.

Wikipedia was launched exactly 239 days before 9/11. If you follow my channel, all alarm bells should ring now! 239 equals "Golden Gate" and 23/9 is the 266th day of the year, the position of the Golden Gate between 1939 and 2010. From all the Golden Gate numbers, THIS one seems to be the most magical and hence its frequent use. The same is true for 923, reversing the date 23/9. Remember: 9/11/2001 --> 923 (9)(1+1=2)(2+0+0+1=3).

Now let's look at my graphic: Osiris, ruler of the Golden Gate, got his first Wikipedia entry on 12/24/2001. We already covered that Trump had a cosmic Osiris ritual at his inauguration. This was 14 weeks and 6 days after 9/11. Trumps birthday is 14/6 (written as most of the world does it).

Sidenote: This time can also be expressed as 3 months and 13 days. 313 AD was the year that the Romans stopped prosecuting Christians. 1313 Jaques de Molay burned at the stakes (real year 1314 but Helena Blavatsky calls the esoteric date 1313). And fittingly, 13 years and 13 days after Osiris first Wiki entry was the four blood moon tetrad midpoint, on 1/5/15 - a key date in my research.

Donald Trump was born a span of 666 months and 11 days before the Osiris page was created. The Number of the Beast and the Master Number eleven, representing Boaz and Jachin, the twin pillars at the Temple of Jerusalem.

Now, Eminem, who I have shown before has HUGE coding connecting to 911 and the Golden Gate, got his first Wikipedia entry one day after Osiris, on 12/25/2001 - Christmas after 9/11. So he shares the same numbers as Osiris but with exact days, instead of the span, where we count the end-date. Very interesting, when we regard what we already learned about Eminem, for example the death of his friend Proof, exactly 239 weeks after 9/11, where 2660 people attended the funeral. He died exactly 76 months after his first Wikipedia entry - "Golden Gate" in Hebrew gematria.


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