Donald Trump Born 333 Days After the Trinity Test. There is much more to nuclear ...

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... power than what we are being told. Another mystery of our reality, that I haven't understood yet but certainly seen its coding. Rest assured, all nuclear events like the trinity test, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Chernobyl and Fukushima, they are all connected with important numbers.

We already learned how "Donald j. Trump" equals 888 in the English Sumerian gematria cipher (which multiplies the result of the English Ordinal by six). In the same cipher we get "Nuclear Weapon" for the same number.

There is much mystery around this super number of time. In Strong's Concordance 888 means "to be evil, bad". The whole Back to the Future series is weaved around time, 88 and 888.

Trump turns 888 months old on his 74th birthday this year.

Again, Donald Trump's birthday doesn't disappoint: from his birth to the Trinity Test, the first nuclear bomb, are 333 days.

Side-note: Remember how the San Jacinto monument, the largest obelisk in the world, symbolizing the penis of Osiris, points directly through its reflective pool (of Isis) to the center of the Trinity Test?


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Another great post bro.
I remember when Trump was obsessed with buying Greenland, the capitol is Nuuk (pronounced "nuke")
On another time he spoke about "nuking" hurricanes,
and told Kim Jong Un his "button was bigger."
The guy seems to be super coded with Nuclear Weapons - as he is in Back to the Future - and hundreds of other films.

Are you aware of a YouTube channel called "LXXXVIII finis temporis"?
His material is astounding and connects the 88/666/777/888/911 with Donald J. Trump - a Gemini Beast.
Hundreds of Hollywood films are filled with Dog Star Sirius coding, Nuclear coding, Golden Gate coding, and direct Trump coding.
Lots of relevant numbers and Twin Tower IX XI codes too among others.
All of this is very fascinating and sobering to me.
"Don" means to rule the world,
and "Trump" is the topping ace.
This character is the biblical AntiChrist, generously detailed in the books of Revelation, Daniel, 2 Thessalonians, and Zechariah among other prophecies.

Are you aware of a YouTube channel called "LXXXVIII finis temporis"?

Yes, we have talked a couple of times. I am watching his videos since 2018. He has done amazing work decoding movies. I totally see the TWIN coding around Trump. He also features the Golden Gate coding to a small degree.

Yes, I know that channel and we pitch each other some thoughts occasionally. You are spot on!

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