Golden Gate President Donald Trump And The Twin Towers. How can one man have so ...

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... many magical connections like Donald Trump?

In the Jewish gematria cipher, the most mystical gematria cipher in my studies, with the rules of Hebrew gematria applied to the Latin alphabet, "Donald Trump" equals 589.

Now, in Hebrew gematria, "Golden Gate" equals 589, the focus of my research, Osiris gate of god, the center of the galaxy and hence the central black hole of the Milky Way.

This is a very profound connection, even more so, since Donald Trump is the 45th president of the USA. 45 equals "Golden Gate" in Full Reduction gematria cipher, both normal and reverse. And he was even born with a total lunar eclipse in conjunction with the Golden Gate.

And even the "Twin Towers" equal 589 in Hebrew gematria and Trump is having more 911 connections and symbolism than one can count. But the next one is really mind boggling:

On 9/11, Donald Trump was 55 years and 89 days old, reflecting the 589 in his age on that day!

But the rabbit hole gets deeper:

The 589th Simpsons episode came out on a day with 45 numerology (3+6+20+16), reflecting the Golden Gate twice and Trump, the 45th president, as well. As I have shown several times before, the Simpsons not only use predictive programming, they specifically code symbology around their episode numbers. Like the one with the planned virus pandemic, which was released 9 years and 11 days before the first Coronavirus case, episode 470. "Trump" equals 470 in the Jewish cipher.

From Barrack Obama nobel peace price announcement on 10/9/2009, to the four blood moon tetrad midpoint was 5 years and 89 days. The tetrad midpoint had a triple Golden Gate symbolism attached to it (NASA reported largest megaflare from galactic center - the Golden Gate, plus the time distance of the four moons to the midpoint reflect two Golden Gate numbers; see my previous work for more details).

Fascinatingly, from the tetrad midpoint, to Venus entering the Pleiades on 4/3/2020, are ALSO 5 years and 89 days.This was a hugely coded day with numbers but also shown symbolically in the Super Ball half-time show in February 2020. The stage had the shape of the symbol of Venus illuminated by the stars.

And this was not the only double midpoint on the tetrad connected to Barrack Obama and important astro events, as I have shown in one of my previous posts. His inauguration connects to the Great Conjunction in 2020 with the tetrad midpoint being that specific midpoint as well.

Another fascinating 589 is Revelation 16:9, the 266th verse of the book of Revelation. 266, is "sin" in Strong's Concordance and was the position of the Golden Gate at the ecliptic between 1939 and 2010. Pope Francis is the 266th, the list goes on, I have written often about it. When we look at the gematria of this verse, we get the value of 589 with the Full Reduction cipher, the most interesting when it comes to bible codes, as it creates smaller numbers.

And maybe you know the apocalyptic animation video I Pet Goat II, where at the end a Jesus-like (or Anti-Christ) figure swims on an Egyptian bark toward the rising sun, that rises visibly in the Golden Gate. It is a dark and hardcore symbolic production and has created an entire subculture of decoders who try to dissect it for hidden messages. The production studio behind is called Heliofant. "I Pet Goat II - Heliofant" equals 589 in Jewish gematria.

And finally, "Declaration of Independence" equals 589 in the Jewish gematria cipher as well.


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💯 % upvote from me for your work on this post. Thank you for going so deep with your research and sharing it all with us. Much appreciated 🙏🏼

Thank you @agent, I am grateful for the support and appreciation! Appics has inspired me to do this series.