Donald Trump Was Inaugurated Exactly 6666 Weeks After Adolf Hitlers Birth. The ...

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... symbolism around the current POTUS, president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is a never ending story. His entire existence seems to be a great riddle of numbers and stars, with a perfect birthday, a perfect election and a perfect inauguration. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It feels like Donald Trump (or rather someone who created Donald Trump) stepped with an almanach full of information into a Delorean and jumped back in time, to create an alternate version of reality. In that reality, they created a Moon Child, or Golden Child, with perfect numbers and stars. As strange as that sounds, Trump's rabbit hole is deep.

For example the entire Back To The Future series and how they got inspired by Donald Trump to create the character of Biff Tannen (who stole the Delorean to change time). At 88 mph - Trump is 88 in English ordinal gematria. This movie alone has so many number and astro connections, I would write several posts about it - and I will. And then all the 9/11 codings in this trilogy...

The Ingersoll Lockwood novel "The Last President", as well as his children series "Baron Trump".

The fact that Trumps uncle John G. Trump was officially hired to analyze Nikola Tesla's belongings after his death. And much more connecting him to time...

And yesterday, we learned that Trump was born 9 months and 11 days after the second World War was over and the first day of peace has started.

Another fascinating connection is the distance from Adolf Hitler's birth to Donald Trump's inauguration: exactly 6666 weeks.

All of this could mean nothing - or everything. You decide.


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Those are really interesting facts! A read a lot about both, never thought there could so amazing similarities.

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Trump seems to be closely connecting to the rise of Adolf Hitler - a Beast.
Trump is a Gemini and has a clone doppelganger. He is a beast, and there 8 beasts.
1/ Nebuchadnezzar
2/ Darius III
3/ Alexander the Great
4/ Antiochus Epiphanes IV
5/ Napoleon Bonaparte
6/ Adolf Hitler
7/ Donald Trump
8/ Donald Trump clone
(the 8th is of the 7, he is the NWO Beast Antichrist who faces Jesus at the Second Coming)

I have watched a video about what you write. The Doppelgänger of Trump is a theme that is deeply encoded and pops up over and over again.