Donald Trump - His Osiris Inauguration With 777 & 322. There are some people who ...

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... have perfect stars and numbers. Donald Trump is one of them. His entire life is a long list of fascinating connections and immense astrotheology relevance.

When he became the 45. president of the USA, he also became a Golden Gate president. 45 equals "Golden Gate" in Full Reduction gematria, with the rules of numerology applied - both in the normal and reverse cipher. It is the smallest Golden Gate number in gematria, except for the mysterious Septenery cipher, that Marty Leads talks about. There, "Golden Gate" equals 41, bringing George H W Bush, the 41st US president and Skull and Bones member, into the picture as well. (Learn more about the Golden Gate of Osiris in my previous posts).

Back to Trump: His inauguration happened on 1/20/2017. 120 + 2017 is 2137 - the 322nd prime number! This is the number of Skull and Bones, the Yale fraternity of the Bush dynasty, which teaches ancient mystery religions to its initiates - astrotheology. What a perfect day, to reach that specific prime number that way.

But even more astonishing was Donald Trump's age on that day: He was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old, a magical triple seven. Aleister Crowley, the self-claimed "beast 666" and magic author and practitioner, who died 17 months and 17 days after Trumps birth (7th prime number, making it a 7 and 7), wrote the book "777 and Other Qabalistic Writings".

There was a huge Osiris ritual on inauguration day, that you can find in detail here:

But it gets better: From the first Wikipedia entry of the "Osiris" page, to Donald Trump's election are 776 weeks and 1 day. Hence, this was the 777th week, and also 776 plus 1 is 777. (And remember how "Covid-19" equals 776 in Jewish Gematria and how Trump was born 7 years and 76 days after the Golden Gate moved to the 266° of the ecliptic, the super day of the 20th century?)

And let us not forget that from Golden Gate Bridge opening to the first Wikipedia entry for the "Ophiuchus" page are 776 months and 30 days, rounding up the 777th month. Ophiuchus is the Snake Bearer between Sagittarius and Scorpio and basically the sign of the Golden Gate itself.

Or how about the death of the ninth US president, William Henry Harrison, exactly 777 months after the US independence day, during a Great Conjunction presidency (where always US presidents either die or get assassinated), on a 4/4 day (infamous, equals "kill" in English ordinal gematria). On his death, the midpoint between Saturn and Jupiter was the Golden Gate itself.

I will show an even bigger 777 connected to Trump in the next post...


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You have a quick mistake on your poster brother.
You put 120 + (2107) = 2137,
the "2107" should be "2017".
Nevertheless, great post!

Thank you! Here is the updated graphic:

APX Donald Trump inauguration 322 777.jpg

Thanks, you are right. I will update the image and post a correct one here in the comments.