The Fukushima Earthquake & Tsunami Happened On 3/11/11. The correct name of that ...

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... devastating event is "2011 Tohoku Earthquake And Tsunami", which led to the "Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster". These two events were incredibly symbolic on so many levels, that I will merely touch the surface with this post.

The date itself is epic: 3/11/11. That is like a super 311. It is also 322, if we reduce the double digits with numerology - the number of Skull and Bones, the Yale fraternity of the Bush dynasty, following freemasonry and ancient mystery religions. Astrotheology.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 38.322°N 142.369°E. These numbers are very interesting: 38 equals "Apollyon" in both Greek and English reduction gematria, the angel of death from Revelation 9:11, the golden ratio cut of the book of Revelation. It also equals "death" in English ordinal gematria. And followed by .322 - Skull and Bones again. 142 connects with the duration of September Eleven attacks, which lasted 1 hour and 42 minutes. And the 369 equal "Golden Gate", in English Extended gematria, which is similar to the Jewish cipher but with a more straight forward approach for the Latin alphabet. I don't use this cipher much but it has shown some remarkable correlations. Please see my previous work for the Golden Gate, the center of the galaxy, ruled by Osiris.

From the day, the Golden Gate moved into the 267° on the ecliptic, another key event in my research, to Fukushima, were exactly 90 days. 90 equals "Golden Gate" in English ordinal gematria.

And the date 3/11/2011 has a day numerology of 45 (3+11+20+11). 45 equals "Golden Gate" in both normal and reversed Full Reduction.

The moment of the earthquake was 5:46 am UTC time. 546 equals "Phoenix" in the English Sumerian cipher, which multiplies the English ordinal times six. The Phoenix symbolized death, transformation and rebirth, the beginning of a new cycle.

In the same cipher we get the word "nuclear" for the number 444. And it was exactly 444 weeks and 4 days from the nuclear Chernobyl disaster to the nuclear Fukushima disaster. In the same cipher we also get "killing", "Lucifer", "masonic", "occult", "gematria" but also "Jesus" and "cross".

From Osama bin Laden's death to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death were exactly 443 weeks, starting the 444th.

From Osama bin Laden's death to the four blood moon tetrad midpoint are 44 months and 4 days.

Or how about the 3119 days between the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to the September Eleven attacks? 3119 is the 444th prime number.

The Iran hostage crisis lasted 444 days. And from the start of the Iranian Islamic revolution to the four blood moon tetrad midpoint are 444 months.

The distance between Operation Desert Storm and the 2003 Iraq invasion was 4444 days - both wars were started by the Bush family, who are Skull and Bones members. Both wars were directed against "Saddam Hussein", who shares the same number in Jewish gematria as "Skull and Bones". Both wars lasted 41 days. 41 equals "Golden Gate" in the Septenary cipher, the most geometric and mystical cipher out there, explained in detail by Marty Leeds.

Another example is the movie "Contagious", which is now getting popular with the Coronavirus Pandemic - the was released exactly 444 weeks before the pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization.

And coming back to earthquakes: From the Great San Francisco earthquake in 1906 to the Golden Gate Bridge opening (huge Osiris ritual) were 31 years, 1 month and 9 days - the 3119 again, or 444th prime number.

Pretty crazy stuff...


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