Coronavirus Pandemic And 9/11 Sync With Golden Gate 267° Day. Boom! This might ...

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... be the most profound thing I have ever discovered:

The September Eleven Attacks were exactly 111 months before the Golden Gate moved into 267° on the ecliptic. This happened on 12/11/2010, when the galactic center moved into a full new degree. About every 72 years, due to the precession of the equinoxes, the sky is moving one degree. This day is super coded with politics, Hollywood and the music industry. The same is true for the previous degree jump, into the 266° on 3/31/1939. I have posted a lot about the 266 before.

From that degree jump into 267°, exactly 111 months later and hence exactly 222 months after 9/11, the world health organization has called the Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, on 3/11/2020.

This makes the Golden Gate degree jump a perfect midpoint between 9/11 and the pandemic. It is insane, considering all the other facts I have already posted about with my previous graphics. Go back and read about The Simpsons, the Princess Diamond cruise ship, the Phoenix Twin Towers in Wuhan and the pandemic simulations. All a perfect ritual or out-of-this-world synchromysticism.


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Wow! Insane! But not shocking, because the ones 'that be' ontop, take all that very seriously, the numerology thing I mean. They love it those sick fucks🤣

Great post, resteemed! Thats the great thing about this tech, saving thoughts and predictions ect on a chain is just an honor to be able to do, even if we loose thousands of dollars😜

Thanks for the resteem. And yes, this is so great to have the blockchain. Let's hope it stays free and immutable and the hostile takeover goes away.

We will always be able to access it, unless thefes no more internet 😜 I havent kept up with the news on that, but will do again soon

HD version:

APX September Eleven Attacks 911 Golden Gate 267° 111 CoronavirusPandemic 222 Months.jpg

The 267° day in Stellarium:

Real Golden Gate at 267° day 1211 1112 2010.jpg