Workout to Burn Fat Hopefully by now you understand the key component of fat loss ...

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... will be diet. Fat loss starts and ends there. Workouts will certainly help, but are not as important.

I will also mention you can certainly incorporate workouts with high reps and short rest periods in phases, but the majority of your workouts should look like the right column.

Reason being, if you are always doing super high reps with short rest periods chasing the high calorie burn and super sweaty feeling, you’re turning your strength workout into too much of a cardio workout.

Most of your workouts should be focused on increasing weight and/or reps with basic compound movements. That goes for people trying to gain muscle or lose fat.

These types of workouts will mold and shape your body with great definition and tone, and help you maintain much needed muscle as body fat starts to melt from your fat loss diet.

I hope this helps in your quest to achieve your best body.
Credits: Kurtrawlinsfitness


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Stay Fit! Stay Healthy!!

i don't have fat.
is there any workout to gain fat?

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