Art series #2 BE FREE, NOT TOMORROW, NOW! Every day that passes I die a little, ...

in appics •  6 months ago

... I die every time I do not follow my heart and I use reason to make decisions, I die when I do not travel, when I do not dance, when I do not read,
I die a little with the kisses I do not give,
and with the places I do not go to, I'm dying if I keep quiet, and I keep quiet for fear of dying.
I die when the fear of suffering leaves me anchored to this fucking routine, in which I live (to call him somehow) tied hand and foot.
Today the challenge has opened my eyes, today I flee from you damn calm.


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So powerfull and so true: "I'm dying if I keep quiet, and I keep quiet for fear of dying." We are our greatest obstacules in becoming who we want to be


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Thank you so much!!!

Beautiful....Just know you were speaking to me.


Thank you! And yes.. thank you for being a support!!
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