click click jump 📸 keeping art alive during corona ✊🏼 @aaronnight and @kingaba ...

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... jackson shooting for a new project! artists are really suffering and things won’t go back to normal very soon so I think it is really important to get creative and find alternatives to produce and spread your art 🖼 🎵 💃 🕺


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Good luck for your new project bro 💪🏻

For sure..been finding more ways to express creatively through this lockdown, we shall come out more polished! Stay well man

Aww! This is how he was photographed😀.

Wow, very nice shot!

Yes indeed! Great snap my friend, very creative!

Artists specifically have a really hard time; Can’t agree more they all need to use some of this time to define something that’ll support their lives as an income; Become creative as much as they can. Some of my friends are in the exact same situation. Music segment. Some finding their purpose, other still struggling to cope with the situation. When I can I try to support them with eg ideas or my shoulder. Great shot BTW.

Hope everything will be normal soon.Not only artists, everyone is suffering for corona

Wow, this is cool

great shot, good timing

Really great shot..👌👌

Anything to get that awesome photo :)

.. ya, agree 100%!!...enjoy...

Surely an amazing shot

Great shot..🙂🙂