Throwback Thursday to a photo shot I had before my first ever fitness show 💪💪 It’s ...

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... incredible how things move fast in life, I’m using this lockdown period to work on myself more than ever before 👨🏻‍🎓😊 it’s the best way to push negativity away!


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Tienes toda la razón, saldremos evolucionados de esta situación.

Cuídate mucho!

Y tu tambien @samgiset! Ser siempre positivos es lo más importante 😊

Take care of yourself and do not let yourself down!

It's getting hot in here! Upvoted 💯%

😂😂 thanks!

I appreciate your creativity, dear @fedesox!
@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


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I complimenti per la forma fisica... io sono messo un po' peggio. @fedesox vedo che usi APPICS, consigli questa dApp? Stavo pensando di iniziare ad usarla anch'io. Su quale blockchain è costruita?

Ovviamente si, si basa su Steem ma pronta ad implementare soluzioni cross-chain con altre blockchain

Wow! Its good to see more people taking up fitness during the down time. So what will you look like when your off lick down? Beast mode! Right on. Im following your fitness journey.

Thanks! Hard to keep up with the schedule while in quarantine but never give up on your goals 😊

hmm. more pictures please ? 😂👍

Yeah I need to get my head straight 😂😂

hmmm. more,more picture please😂

Hahaha I need a posting schedule 😝🤗

Best photo pictures wow good beautiful

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