Indeed it is. Like the time has stopped.

2 of my favourites are chatting here 🤩 @edje42

Appics - connecting people :)

It does :)

Where would you be if you wouldn’t have trusted me hahhaa

Somewhere in the universe 🤣

Real people 😁

Beautiful area and photograph! Love the ‘talking’ trees 🤣 Bringing back memories for me. Was in and around Pula something like two decades ago. Staying in a small village to the north of Pula almost directly at the seaside.

Then you know what is the real peace of mind. Istria has a special soul.

I was ill (flu) for a few days; Not sure if that has something to do with that special soul 🤣🤣🤣

Maybe just your body was cleansing from something when you draw breath at the sea :)

Maybe indeed 🙃 Had a real great time, all the other days. Almost only good memories. Was at some old fort at some dance party as well, early in the morning sun, simply super!

Those are the moments to live for! :)