Celebration of love day

in #appics2 years ago (edited)

aka Valentine's day is coming soon. . . What a strange and lovely idea. Some call it a hallmark holiday, and some loathe it, but I think it's lovely to celebrate the love in your life (not that we can't do that everyday of course). But what if you don't have a love in your life? Take yourself out. Treat yourself. Buy yourself chocolate and flowers. Self indulge a little, take a long bubble bath. ;)

This is a test post btw. My first post from appics. :)



That's pretty SWEET! I was expecting to see the gigantor APPICS footer at the bottom of your post but it looks like that isn't automatically added on, which is nice...

Ended up editing and removing it in partiko because the banner that was auto-attached wasn't properly coded!

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