I’m still training hard and getting results. Not in kilo’s...haven’t lost any but ...

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... my winter coat has room again! Today is a rest day but felt like doing something so me and Bianca went for a walk in the woods where she took this picture.


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Congrats man (: You should start using @actifit, it’s so fun to turn fitness into a game!

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Remember that muscle mass weighs more than fat so it is not about weight, it is about body composition. I measure my results in clothing as well!

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Muscle weighs more than fat so don’t worry! At a first look I thought you are wearing a scarf but then realized it was your beard 😱 it fits you though, how many days left for your full beard target? 😁

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

I have about 4 weeks left I think. I am in severe need of a trim but I soldier on!

You look toned

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Not in kilo’s...haven’t lost any but I suspect the beard would be adding a few.

😈😈😈 yeah the beard and those oils you use.

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Damn, you fine bro!

Be careful I think there is a WILD ANIMAL on Your Neck Mark @exyle

Very funny lol

Persistence is what needed.
You will get there as always.
Keep on postin

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Maybe try a 3day water fastening I will look for the link of my post about it. Buttt you look great man good job! You look better then me. Okok it isn't that hard to do that. 🤣😂🤣😂😉

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If you are not losing kilos anymore that's great, because now you can start a new stage and decide if you want to build your body or just stay in shape.

You are looking so handsome sir.

That’s a scary looking forest. Watch out for Bears ;)

lol! Luckily no bears in the Netherlands!

Well I guess that’s one less thing to
Worry about.
I hope spring is well and truely springing when I visit Amsterdam next month.

That is awesome that you are starting to get some more wiggle room in your clothes! Hopefully it will continue as you keep at it!

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Great keep on going and the results will follow

Nice shot. You look great. And can i ask for that sneakers