I’m a proud Uncle. I can’t believe he is 5 weeks old already. Time sure flies! I ...

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... don’t think I will ever be pro at holding these little things but I guess aslong as I don’t drop them and they don’t cry I’m doing something right :)


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Did you make him a steemit account gift for his retirement plan?

Haha, yeah, I'm doing something like that.

Even if they cry, it doesn't mean you are doing something wrong :) Sometimes they just cry. It's the way the world works :) Hold him tight, as you said, time flies fast.

Thanks for the tips man!

You know that you are a professional Uncle Hodler though!

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Yeah Uncle Hodler is easier!

It’s great to be an uncle! Be sure to buy him tons of Bitcoin and Steem! 😂

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As long as you don't hold them upside down they tend to be fine :)


Absolutely, awesome to be a great uncle 👍

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Awww... so precious, @exyle😍!

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5 weeks seems old enough to receive a Bitcoin wallet from his uncle.


You are a lovely uncle

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My family suspects of a baby coming, so I believe within the next year I will be in the same position... :D

Enjoy it man! It's fun.

Awwwwe, Such an awesome uncle! You would make a great Dad!

Congratulations on being an uncle now! 🙏

It's the 4th time :) But still awesome and special. Thanks, Tony!

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Such an adorable moment :) have fun !

Cute :)

Congratulations! 😊

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