Went out for a nice walk today with Bianca rockin my Steemit t-shirt. We did 7000 ...

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... steps, will log them into my @actifit tonight for some free crypto. I’m beginning to really like walking as an exercise, it’s relaxing, easy, gives time to think and just being in nature gives some positive energy aswell.


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Walking is soooooo healthy, especially if done together with a significant other. It has all kinds of other benefits besides fitness as well. @laputis and I took a walk through the woods today too. Love your T shirt! Where can I get one too?

The T-shirt I received when going to Steemfest 2 or 3!

That is my favorite Steemit shirt. Mine is getting pretty wore out because of how much I have wore it

Yeah, I'm getting the same problem. Should ask @roelandp where he got them one day!

Walking is a life-prolonging activity.

Yeah, it's good!

Love your Steemit shirt! Where'd you get it?


I love simply walking and running. I can't do either right now due to a bad knee injury but maybe in six months or so I will be back up and moving back with nature.

How do you do that? Is it possible with an activity meter, or something?

You can use your phone or a fitbit and then use the @actifit app to upload the data to the blockchain.

That is beast mode man!

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It is important to take some exercises sometimes for the good of the body and body muscles

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Well I only got this but the 1 stairs is weird maybe I floated in my sleep I... don't wanna know it... 🤣😂🤣😂

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Hello @exyle, I have a question. You say that you will log those steps in to actifit se

Rocking the day in style

My wife and I typically do a lot of walking on the weekends when we are camping. We had our nephew with us this weekend though and we had to take care of him most of the time. It was a blast, but kept us from exercising as much as we would have liked.