Lansagna from the oven taste great but Lasagna from the Green Egg is next level stuff! ...

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... In about 40 minutes it should be done. This and my friend @bennierex coming over for some beers and a chat should become a fantastic Saterday night!


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Looks good !! Have you heard of the Gandhiji Smart contract that pays divs on every buy , sell or transfer from their decentralized exchange to all IND token holders ? Join the discord to learn more. >>>

Ha you told us that you really developed yourself the last 3 years in completely different fields.
I'm reallly into the eco & green & permaculture directions without being a hippy. I'm going to make this

A earthen oven for pizza or bread :) That guy has awesome videos if you wanna enter a rabbit hole!

I never even thought about putting a glass pan on the Egg! Can you really do that? I need to up my game. Have a happy Saturday😀

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Oh green egg is back haha :D

I knew you were an early adopter - but - “BBQ lasagne” I’ve never heard of it before now you are a disrupter!! Enjoy your innovative food!

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Go get yourself that Green Egg sponsorship!!

Right on Mark! Enjoy your Saturday night. Lasagna will be awesome 😋🍻

I bet it was really tasty. I like making things on the grill that you would normally bake in the oven. Mac and Cheese is one of my favorites!

You better post a gym selfie tomorrow 😂😅

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That is indeed another level !

Have a good Saturday night!

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