We had an important day today! We visited the city hall and spoke to the mayor. Well ...

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... Bianca did, I was just there. He wanted to see her before we could send all the paperwork away to ask for her citizenship. He tested her Dutch language skills and also wanted to know what her plans are living here in ‘his’ town. She passed with flying colors and we are now proceeding in a next important step in our lives. The paperwork is al signed and we should get an answer within a year. The whole integration process in the Netherlands is tough! From all the different tests I wrote about before to learning the language and what not. I will be happy when all of that is behind us finally. I’m really proud of my girl and how hard she worked making it all work. We went to the movies tonight to celebrate!


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Wow! A year? That is amazing that the mayor goes through all that trouble testing and questioning people. She won't know for a year if she passed or that is how long it takes to process?

As an aside: How was Toy Story?

Good luck on all accounts!


As a Dutch national living abroad I greatly sympathise. Very stressful to be and stay legal in a country. All the best and fingers crossed for you both!


That is crazy that they care so much about that sort of thing. I can't imagine the mayor of our town having the time to sit down with everyone who was interested in becoming a citizen much less test them. Awesome that he is so involved.

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Good for her! It will be nice to have that done with i'm sure and be completely official. :)

Yes 100%!

Nicee. Toy Story was goood. I saw it last Friday... but I’m more excited for Lion King to launch next week!

Sounds like things are on the right track towards citizenship! I’ve been dating a girl from Ecuador the past few months and I might have to go through the same process in order to keep her stateside with me. Governments suck. People should be able to live wherever they feel like they belong.

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I enjoyed Toy Story! and man...I hope Lion King can deliver....it's such a classic.

Hope you get everything sorted to keep her with you.

a YEAR? lol what terrible service, how sad that two adults in love needed to get permission first before being together. Congrats though!

Toy story!!

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Nice,are you a citizen or not?😆😆😆😆

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That is a great visitation @exyle, I really love posture here with the beautiful lady! Thanks for sharing with us!

@exyle, Share my good wishes with her brother and hope that her Citizenship will be processed without any hurdles. Stay blessed.

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That is so awesome, tell her great job!

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That test seems very tough and time consuming

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