Making my way back to Rotterdam after spending a fantastic 5 days in London. This ...

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... is the first time I used the tube to get from and to the airport and admittely it’s the most comfortable and cheapest way to do it. This trip has been brilliant. My head feels refreshed just getting out of my normal routine and being with great people having a blast. This will hopefully happen more often in the future and with a total travel costs of under $200 I see no reason why not. It’s so much fun. My thanks to @ezzy and @rea for being amazing hosts and yes! @ezzy and I did clock Super Metroid on the SNES last night! Another classic under our belt!


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that's the best way, when it's cheap and easy to do ya know?

Our absolute pleasure, my bro. You're welcome anytime. :)

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Mark it is such a Joy to See the Friendship of People because we have Steem and Palnet in Common.......@exyle

Can’t you take a train? Through the Chunnel? How much longer would that be?

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It is an easy trip to/from London. We used to tell our students (based in Surrey) that it'd be easier for them to go study a degree in Holland rather than up north in the UK.

None of them ever seemed that interested in the contintental option though.

Not cheaper though - my train from Birmingham to London next Friday cost me £7! (Which I've treble checked as it sounds too good to be true).

The return on Sunday wasn't much more expensive.

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Ohhh yeah. Heathrow might be a little bit more expensive but the travelling and hours saved are brilliant.