If any singular photo sums up the personality of our beagle, Amstel, it’s this one. ...

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... This picture was taken during one of his first walks in the woods when he was around two years old. The branch was so heavy his back legs nearly came off the ground...that’s sheer determination. 😊


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I had a lab that used to walk around with 5 ft 2x4s in its mouth. Funny dogs.

Hilarious! Now that he's almost 11 he doesn't attempt anything this big. He was so proud when he did this, it was almost as if he was showing off for us.

My brother used to have a Jack Russel with the same determination, but he would run past you at great speed whacking the backs of your knees with it.

Ouch! He hasn't tried that yet but does his best to try to trip us up with the leash sometimes. : )

LOL he looks quite pleased with himself, sheer determination indeed :):)

He is hilarious, @lizelle. We're convinced he thinks he's the king of the neighborhood.

Hello Eric ... Nice to read your blog after few days u didn't make a post. Amstel. . really a cute dog. It seems like he is very strong, even he was able to lift wood with his mouth when he was two years old. You are a lucky owner, sir. I think you must really miss it when you are traveling. May your dog stay healthy, Eric. Have a great day.

Thanks Eliana, he's been such a great companion. I hope you and the family have been well!

I had a lab cross who would do the same thing. I'd be like, "That's a small tree." He'd look at me, "Mom, it's just a big stick."

They’re so funny sometimes, aren’t they? I can’t imagine life without a dog.

It was a Sweet shot, I think I've seen you blog about this beagle, he must be beloved, how old is he now?

Thanks. Yes, we've had him for almost 11 years now. He's slowing down quite a bit this year but every now and then he still acts like a puppy.

Wow that's really old haha hopefully he gets to replicate all the puppy years

Lol .Self-confidence he does not hold :)

What a cool shot of him and that stick looks so big for him so yes I agree this shows such determination


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Hahaha, now that gives a whole new meaning to "Go Fetch A Stick!" Lol!!!

He's an over-acheiver! Lol.

Te felicito por tu mascota. Debe ser un gran perro, suerte

Perfectly seized the moment : )

its just to show anything is possible when you have sheer determination

@ericvancewalton, Those expressions are saying, I am fine, don't worry.

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Ahhh.. love beagles <3

Dogs are amazing. he has this cute doggy look but looks old.

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