Throwback to when I was 14 and met Rihanna on the beach in Barbados🇧🇧! took a few ...

in #appics4 years ago

... pictures with her but the one that turned out the best was this one that my dad was also in but I cropped him out. that’s his arm in my shoulder though. lol


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cool pic✌🏻can imagine its quite an experience meeting Riri at the beach. BUT don't cropp your dad out of the pic😂he deserves to be on the pic too, no? not my business, tho. just saying i would be pissed if my son would cut me out of a pic with him an Riri😂 have a good one✌🏻

Ha ha yeah I think I have the original copy but I took this one from my Facebook profile pictures. It was actually my first ever Facebook profile picture when I created my Facebook profile back in 2006.

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