Trading Competition 👉🏽 APX against BITCOIN on HOO Exchange! Don't miss it, there ...

in #appicslast year

... is a prize pool of 100,000 APX and competition ends on May 10th, 15:00 (UTC+8)

I am currently having fun increasing my position. Feeling very excited with the BTC pair! nice job @appics team! Join the competition:

And very important, when trading never forget your ice cold beer 🍺


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Love this shot and of course your Appics Merch, I have one just like that and one in black as well, lol! Lets Go APPICS/APX!!

I know you do 😀 I want more

Haha me too, I want a hoodie!

Hello el-cr!

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Good luck how you do well with trading

we will see how I did at the end of competition... we need more vol though

When I get tipsy while drinking beer, I lose control on being patient when trading. Nice smile! Looks like a slight pump just happened! Hehehe

haha... when I drink is when I trade better 😂