A rescue dog that was named after Noam Chomsky, he was the very first dog in my life, ...

in #appicslast year

... and it was thanks to @evecab we adopted him more than 2 years ago. He passed away, unfortunately, Chomsky spent most of his years eating bad or not eating at all, abandoned and dealing with parasites and sickness. He only last with us 6 months, probably the best of his life.

After he passed away, I made a promise to myself, as long as I have the opportunity and the conditions to do it, I will ALWAYS rescue a street dog and welcome him/her as a member of our family. 💚

I miss him a lot. If you ever encounter a street dog and if you can, remember this post and adopt him/her, mother nature will always be grateful!


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Awe such a awesome thing you did!! And I totally agree with you, we are planning on adopting a rescue dog some day as our dog of over 16 years passed away in September. And is sadly missed. Happy Good Friday and happy Easter long weekend 😊