TOTALLY AMAZED ... Last year October I was back in Dubai after not being there for ...

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... two decades or so. Not only Dubai grew in size about 10-fold or so, party life changed DRAMATICALLY. Back then it took me a lot of effort and trial & error to find one club programming kinda decent electronic music. Now I found myself at one of the many open air clubs with Carl Cox and his gang behind the decks and a crowd not only knowing the more commercial side of this music genre, but also the underground side of it. WHAT? I heard myself saying a few times: How did this happen? Had a great time with our group of youngsters from all around the region (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and India) and still amazed some of them knew artists/producers like Ben Klock, Adriana Lopez and one of my favourites Etapp Kyle. Photo: Entrance of the club where we got an escort to our table: partying in style! Totally not my thing but when this happens once in a while, its just a lot of fun 🤣🤣 Am born for the true underground 🎶 lifestyle.


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Love that vibrant city but way too hoooot for me and especially the club life

Last October was pretty hot indeed, but the winter time is ok over there. Many clubs are open air, so the cool desert nights are perfect, as I’ve been told hahaha Need to go back next winter. October is their start of the outdoor club season.

Nice! I miss clubbing so so much

Me too! 😉

niiice shot👌🏻never been in Dubai but sure enjoyed an amazing night on a Carl Cox set👏🏻

You are in a city with some great clubs and music event locations, such as the monastery. And you have SONAR as well. Had some memorable days and nights in musical Barça. For a good party, I wont advise to go to Dubai, Berlin or even my home town Amsterdam is in the end better. But for Dubai, the night was super! Owww Ibiza is around the corner for you; Big and the usual events I skip mostly, but when one knows, some cool parties happening on that magical island...well this year is probably a bit slow though 🤣🤣🤣

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