GARBICZ ... You would think I mean to write garbage! Garbicz is a tiny tiny (yes ...

in #appics3 years ago

... 2 times) village in Poland just across the border of Germany. Once a year it receives about 10.000 people gathering in the woods to enjoy one of the coolest and coziest art and dance festivals around (at least that I know of). Ingredients: Underground music, Fun Happy and Openminded people, No commerce (BYO), Fantastic atmosphere, Great location. Four days of extraordinary pleasure guarenteed! Photo: shot at Garbicz in 2019 “Wald” stage


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Added to my list :)

Cool! 🙃 Be early registering; They sell out and introduced the system of raffles.

Could use a nice dance festival right now after this whole Covid19 stuff haha!

Owww me too! Maybe even within the COVID19; An illegal party can be setup 🙃

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