my buddy running around the house in his new shoes ... while I’m listening to Canto ...

in #appics3 years ago

... Osinato, a classical piece written in 1976 by Simeon ten Holst which is unusual in its genre and definitely counts as a piece that explores the mind travelling which so much characterises the RAVE that emerged in the late 80s early 90s (I really like the “Canto Ostinato for Two Pianos and Two Marimbas” performance that can be played at YouTube) 😍 NJOY 🙃


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So nice! In the footsteps of his big brother😄

Hahaha something like that 🤣

Holy shit... just saw you were listening to Canto ostinato. Not even kidding, i listen to that every now and then. Funny how a long piece of music that intense is able to help me totally become at peace. Damn i love that play 😊 We do have a lot of things in common haha @edje42

A great piece of music indeed! Super happy you know this and like it as well. Have you ever been to one of the lie down concerts? Something I still have on my list. If you are on Steemit, you may like to check out one of my recent posts, open it and go to the bottom - the footer - it has links to two posts with a whole lot of music shares I’ve done past few years. You may like - some of - them. A lot is electronic, techno, tech house, ambient, experimental, but you’ll find other genres as well in between.

Owww username @edje

My bad haha, i'll be be looking at your Steemit post a bit later today. Never even heard of the lie down concerts. Sounds awesome. Will be looking into that aswell. Have a great day! @edje 😉

Just search on Canto Ostinato in combination with Ligconcert. Or just Ligconcert. Jeroen van Veen is the one specialist in performances of Canto and these type of concerts. Always special locations as well! NJOY your day as well 🎶

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