✨Name this Reggae icon✨Reggae is quite popular around the world but what is happening ...

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... is that many of the people creating reggae and dancehall aren’t from Jamaica. Just go in any Reggae/Dancehall playlists and most of the songs will sound like pop EDM, infused with Regga & Dancehall. There is nothing wrong with other nationalities doing reggae, but it’s always a good idea to pay homage to the originals.

The thing with Reggae music from Jamaica at the moment is there is little or no marketing budget compared to foreign acts, the music many are making on the island is hard for everyone around the world to understand and the fact that a lot of reggae music is sounding a lot like Hiphop and pop ( globalization at its finest)

Camera: Canon M50
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Artiste: Icreate Suguru

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It is Jamaica it comes to my mind when I hear some Reggae music @dmilliz
Maybe in the future Reggae and hip-hop would blend up because things change fast in this world now.

Indeed, the land of reggae. I think right now the two genres are being fused slowly but surely. Hiphop and Reggae do influence each other significantly.

Nice post ;)