APPICS - Earn FREE XAP (Appics tokens) distributed after ICO

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Appics Pre-Sale is sold out, but there's still ways to get involved with this ICO. Appics will eventually be using SMTs on the Steem blockchain and is set to ICO in late-March. Think of Appics as a decentralized Instagram. Check out their whitepaper.

According to their distribution, 5% of the ICO will goto Steem holders, so if you're holding Steem you should get some some XAP (Appics Token) when they do. If not, there's still time to earn some 'bounty'.

To get started, visit their homepage:

  1. Click "BOUNTY" in the navigation on the top
  2. Enter your email and sign-up
  3. Verify your account with email confirmation

Once registered, goto the BOUNTY section to see ways you can earn stakes. The stakes will be converted to XAP and distributed after the ICO. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Steemit accounts. The amount of XAP you will receive from stakes has yet to be determined and will depend on the ICO.

The easiest way to earn some bounty is to interact with their various social media pages by following, liking, and commenting on their pages and posts. Sign up and start earning! What's better than some free coins?


Huh I had no idea this was coming. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on the new developments @dirkboy41! Definitely best to get in at the ground level for new ICOs and apps

No problem. I didn't know until yesterday and thought it would be beneficial to share. Definitely nice to be able to get into an ICO early. Appics looks pretty legit and if their app is as slick as their marketing, it should be a success!

My favorite "F" word is FREE haha! can't say no to that! Thanks for the info on this 👍

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