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... our sanity intact. Drumroll please...introducing the Sense Chat “At Home Olympics Challenge”!

Each week we’ll issue a sporting challenge to our community, to create and post on TikTok a video of you and/or your family members participating in an Olympic sport at home! The Sense Chat team will award Sense Tokens and Gold (10,000 Sense), Silver (5,000 Sense), Bronze (2,500 Sense) medals to the MOST CREATIVE videos. Everyone who posts a video following the rules below will receive 500 Sense Tokens just for participating.

This week’s sport is BASKETBALL. Otherwise known as Throwing Stuff in Stuff. Give us your best shot!

Rules to Enter:

1.- Sign-up for Sense Chat V2 Early Access! https://signup.sense.chat/

2.- Join Sense Chat on Telegram: https://t.me/SenseToken

3.- Videos must be less than 30 seconds.

3.- No nudity or profanity please.

4.- Post videos by Tuesday April 7th 2020 + tag @SenseChat + include one of these messages in your post:

I just signed up for @SenseChat V2 Early Access! Doing this until I can get in and trade #crypto with my friends. #athome #homeolympics #messenger

Social distancing while waiting for the new @SenseChat V2 Launch be like… #crypto #messenger #athome #homeolympics

I bet you can’t beat me in the @SenseChat #AtHome Olympic Challenge. #crypto #messenger #homeolympics

I’m going to dominate the @SenseChat #AtHome Olympic Challenge. #crypto #messenger #homeolympics

Share a link to your TikTok Post in the SenseChat Telegram group, along with your EOS account.

Closing date: Tuesday April 7th 2020

Here is an example for this week's Olympic challenge (BASKETBALL): https://vm.tiktok.com/GwcL7E/


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