It's time to get your SENSE on! 📢 "Get into the top 10 spots in the waitlist in ...

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... the next 24 hours and earn 10,000 SENSE!"

🤔 Are you using your referral link to get early access to Sense Chat 2.0?

If you're not, there's a golden opportunity for you... 😁

💰It's your chance to get into the top 10 of the list and win 10,000 SENSE!

🤔What can you do to win this juicy prize?

📲 Promote your referral link to your friends, family and neighbors. You can use your email, social networks and any other way you can get to effectively share your referral link.

⚡️Remember that you can get your referral link by registering at

🗓Closing Date: Wednesday, March 25th 1:00 pm PST

👀Be attentive to your e-mail!

📧 If you are top ten you will be contacted at Wednesday, March 25th 1:00 pm PST with next steps to receive your reward.

⚠️Please be kind and don't try to cheat. We can know when you are using fake emails or inviting yourself, so in these cases your participation will not be taken into account.

Please be patient and don't push in public or by private message in Telegram for the tokens to be sent. They will be sent when the challenge ends and the team has reviewed each participation and not observe any dishonest behavior.


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