Why are you using the filmphotography tag?

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Hmm. I saw it and though it meant like, “I’m filming and using a camera and I have photos” and now that you mention’s totally not about that 😅...wish I could update the hashtags...😓

No problem 🤣
Some people use filmphotography when they meant "filmography"

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Thanks for catching that

Hahahahhahaha AWESOME, good job bro

Thanks, I gotta try another challenge though. 😂

Yummy icecream

And the ice cream was vegan good!

I think it looks delicious. Well done 😁👍

Thanks! 🙏😊

Thanks! ‘Twas simple and delish!

I want to see another challenge from you,something special,super tasty,and not so easy to make it 😊

😂😂😂😂 challenge accepted 👍👍

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