Meet Tony (@sirwinchester), the CEO of Appics. He's a really nice guy, an inspir ...

in #appicslast year

... ational personality, a crypto pioneer and still a myth for me. The most interesting thing about Tony is: Every time you talk to him, you always learn something new, which is not only factual information, but also information that brings you forward personally. I hope each of you will have the opportunity to get to know Tony in person.


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You know, it's one of my dream to meet them in person🙂

ohhhh yeah... i'm so looking forward meeting Tony and the entire crew🙌🏼will happen really soon i belive👊🏼happy sunday bro

Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it! Can’t wait to meet the APPICS family in person one day 🙏🏾

What a great guy he is, very supportive! I really wish to meet you all someday!! Have a fabulous Sunday!

Would be so cool to organize a meetup some time in the future 😃

It is hard to believe that this will be possible for some of us, because we are so scattered in this world. Thank you for giving us such a presentation.

So cool look.He is a good leader !

Tony is a very good guy 😊😊😊

The photo session going good !! That's why APPICS became so popular and hope that his leadership bring APPICS to the moon !!!

I'd love to meet the CEO! When is the team coming to India..... Can't wait..

Sounds like it is fun and interesting to know Tony 🤗

And thank you so much @danielschmunk for letting us know how a good person he is. You amazing people who were able to meet him are the ones spreading this good news to us that we are all in good hands in this community we all happy being with. Thanks for dropping-by my posts. More blessings to come.

thank you mate for these kind words, you're welcome 🙏🏼👑

Tony sounds like an absolute creative genius, down to earth, and with heart & soul. Such people are a rarity and a pleasure to work with.

I actually just started using the app yesterday, maybe one day I will meet Tony 😁👍

У Вас крутая лента 🤟😎✔️

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sir you can delegate me some appics fund by which I can also vote and get some benefit

we need more Brudi-content💯🙏

📸📸📸 the perfect shot

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