Hey guys, here's some behind the scenes of the #getinshapechallenge video. This was ...

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... a really cold and windy day and we stayed for approx. 2 hours outside in basic clothes. 🥶 But as you know, it was worth it. There's a lot lot of news going around, however, everyone should stay in shape, no matter what's going on. We have a bright future in front of us👌🏼

By the way...
Would you like to see more behind the scenes videos of the team while working, planning and having meetups to get some sneak peeks into the Appics world?

🎥 filmed by @charline.cherie


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I love making of / behind the scenes....! It’s funn and cool 😎!! Thanks for sharing it

...and of course of that. The Appics Family loves to see the board team doing their best for their community. Thanks for this creative input and support🙏🏿!

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Way to go guys. And respect for staying outside that long in the cold and windy weather. The video turned out great 😃

What was the intro😂🤣. And of course you will share the Behind the scene with us. I love it. Because it makes me feel like I'm with you😌. I really love behind the scene, while team working,enjoying. Please, don't forget to share behind the scene with us🙏. Best one ❤

I just laughed so hard at the intro to your video!😂 But wow,great job,I love all the scenes, lots if positive vibes,despite the cold!🔥Please more of it!🔥

Wow😮😮😮 what a intro 😁😂🤣🤣 just amazing. Love it 😍😍😍🥰🥰

Hahaha love it! Captures our group perfectly 😂 it was freezing but worth it 🙌

It was a super productive and effective day ! Always on🔥even during winter ❄️

Hahah mega nice😂👍🏼

Ha ha! This is brilliant. Love the intro! 🤗

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