No one told you... (may or may not)🤫 But did you know, that you can sell all the ...

in #appicslast year

... coins (may you don't need) on into STEEMP and buy APX instead?

If you're really active, you will find a lot of different coins there. Just go and check it out. Log in with your Steemit/Appics Name and Private Key on, go to your wallet and look what you've got.

Don't hesitate to aks for help 🤙🏼

Have a nice day friend ✋🏼💯


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That's a really good advice! I've never thought about! Thank you 🤗

Wow that's great. Thank you so much for the information.🙏🙏

Thanks for the information, help, support, and encouragement around this. It is greatly appreciated! 🤗

So helpful advice by you to new APPICS users.APPICS is the real money !!

Thanks for information. It is so good 😊😊

I just checked. Thank you🙏

schon die ganze zeit am verkaufen 💪 apx ist was wir brauchen🚀

That is exactly what I am doing every day. Many times a day. I hate to see my coins sit idling, doing nothing. It has to earn non stop, 24/7

Oh yes,one more information,thank you!👍We want more of it😁

I never went to this website before. What do you mean with that ? That APX tokens are visible there now? Or do you mean that I can transfer to others virtual currency’s?

Its awesome! I have some Battle Tokens I will be selling soon as soon as the price goes up a bit more, but mostly I am Staking and saving like my Apx tokens!

I’ve been doing that lately!

Bro that browser is sticking into your neck. You ok. That is good advice.

Thanks for information 😊😊

Great advice to all the non steemians out there. It is a good alert. I am guessing that You even should create a FAQs about it on the official APPICS page! 😃

So weird that so little people know about the existence of Steem-Engine, and all the tokens. You can do some real business over there!

Happy to hear as a new APPICS user !!

Thanl you for your sharing ;)

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