Open your eyes… 👀 Well, a lot of friends and colleagues started with Appics. The ...

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... first week is like: „Hey Daniel, what’s this, what’s that?“ Everybody is posting like crazy. But from time to time I see, that a lot of you guys are taking a long break but still posting on other social media apps.

Completely understandable. 😊 But hey, the only thing you need to do is like copy & paste. And I tell you why you should do that.

This is one of the rare cases: „one-in-lifetime-opportunity“. Take the chance! Post the stuff you already have on other platforms, share your passion with us and earn APX tokes for free, wich will give you the opportunity to make some bigger investments in the future or may just buy ice cream.

However, APX tokens is real money, wich you can exchange in any currency you want.

It’s time to get your passion rewarded, get your different types of content rewarded, get your valuable time on social media rewarded. Because you are valuable 💎

Tell your friends 🤫


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Cool 😎 I’m so excited 😆. I hope that stories coming soon 😉 #DailyTopicStory waits

Let’s wait buddy 😉

Absolutely! Love the way you put it straight forward on how to start using APPICS regularly! Thanks for sharing...

It’s so true. But one thing I also noticed is that people use APPICS and then turn their back for a couple of weeks / month. Maybe they come back. Sometimes they don’t?! What is the problem here? App experience? Different expectations? Lack of consistency? My guess: Consistency is the key as many times in life. And as you said: you earn real money. People should not waste their time on other platforms. Now it’s time to stack some APX😃

There is a psychological aspect, wich I still don't get, but it's understandable: even when I / we show people all the facts, most people still think it's monopoly money. But it's ok, all new things takes time, like radio, tv, internet, credit cards and all the other stuff back then. 🤯🙃

Totally right. Great example today: Coffee Shop. Payed with Apple Pay. A old guy came up to me and asked what the hell i just did with my phone 😂

I also think that people who do promotional posts about Appics should get more support from the Appics @appics team to get those posts noticed as its great advertising for all of us here who are one big family and really want the platform to succeed not just for Apx or money but because we love it and the App!! Also a post once in a while updating Everyone on the eventual full launch would also be bennificial there has been nothing said for a very long time. IMHO. Have a great my friend, I really loved your comment and agree!!

Not speaking about myself, just in general.

Awesome advice ! I am Addicted to Appics, lol!!

well, you're already one of the most famous people over here. not just because of your tshirts 😜😎

Awe, haha thats very kind of you. I do love my Appics Merch. Always happy to Represent!

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