We celebrated our NYE at the house of my friend. The boys in the picture and I have ...

in #appicslast year

... known each other for 24 years now. Since we were little kids... that's a good feeling tho. That was a quite simple celebration with lot of russian food. That was tasty. I missed it so much, because for the last 5 years, I wasn't able to celebrate NYE with my friends. Take care of your friendship guys. Happy New Year 2020 😘🤙🏼


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Awesome shot !
Happy new year to all of you : )

thank you, have a great year as well 😊✨

Great bond with friends a lovely time together 😀happy new year 😀

Das freut mich,dass du mit deinen alten Freunden feiern konntest🎉🥳 Danke für das schöne Foto❤️

Everyone seem to have a fantastic time together cheers to all 😊 happy new year 😊

In russia we say: The way you start into a new year, will be the way you will live all year round. 🙏🏼😊

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