Meet Flying Uwe. 💪🏼 He was and still is one of the most inspirational people I ...

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... met and worked with. We are the same age and when we met, we have always been on the same wavelength from the beginning. This dude is funny af. He's a Kung Fu Master (that's the reason for his name "Flying" Uwe) and he got really heavy skillz. Recently he started to fight in a cage (MMA), and I'm not wondering, that he also won his first fight. For people from outside of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Flying Uwe is a living legend of German YouTube Influencers. Back then he was one of approx. 5 people in Germany, who made YouTube famous (not the other way around), because everyone was crazy about him.

Cheers to you brother! 🍻


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Amazing person he looks too great to know about him 😊

Wow, String man 💪😆☀️🤝

passionate people always do something big in life great to see : )

Just love what you do and it all will happen 💪🏼😊

must be a source of inspiration for you to always keep moving forward in life 😀

Yes, one of many sources. There are a lot of beautiful souls outside 😊

Coole Männer,cooler Look,cooles Foto.🤩Danke fürs Teilen!

Sorry, meant strong 🤣🤣🤣

da muss ich aber noch nen weilchen trainieren 😁

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