Hey guys... puuuh, I'm back with some pictures. Hope all of you had a great time ...

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... with your family and friends. 🙈🥳 This holiday was a bit longer and harder than we expected. We had a lot of people over here. Also a friend from Greece / Crete has visited us. We were constantly on the move and had not much sleep. Anyway, the last days were absolutely wonderful. We had a lot of fun, deep conversations and a lot (A LOT) of food 🤤 Can't wait for the next year, especially the 2nd of January. Then I can go back to sports and get back to work in my office. I really can't wait for it to go back to work. I love to hustle all day, to learn new stuff, to read about things wich will help you immediately to reach the next step. So, holidays are great... but enough is enough 😁

Guys, I wish you a great last day in 2019 and a powerfull start into the next year. 😘


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Beautiful Couple... in Germany we say to moments like this one: „muss liebe schön sein“☝️😃

Sooo great pictures! I wish you an amazing night and see you next year!!! 😊😘

Beautiful and lovely shots great holidays you had amazing : )

Guten Rutsch euch beiden und feiert schön heute Abend 🥂

Vielen Dank Jojo 😊 sind gut reingerutscht ✨💯 Happy New Year und freuen uns euch bald wiederzusehen 🎊✨

ihr 2 hübschen🙌🏼habt nen schönen abend heut und kommt gut rein, freu mich auf 2020, auf das wir uns kennen lernen✌🏻liebe grüße aus barcelona

und wie wir uns freuen 💪🏼😁 hier wird schon geplant 😎

Hey Stefan, danke, dir auch. Hab ein erfolgreiches 2020 🎉💯

wonderful memories to look at you had a beautiful time 😊

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