Back then, I used to work with Babsi aka Shirin David. On this picture we’re eating ...

in #appics5 years ago

... the last pieces of someones birthday cake. At this time she was like the girl next door. A little bit shy but still confident.

We did some basic videos for german brands, had a lot of fun and no one was thinking about what could happen a few years later.

Now, round about 4 - 5 years later, she belongs to the number #1 celebrities in Germany. She is the first female rapper / (singer) who made it to the top of German Album Charts. No one did it before.

You know… on my last meet-up with Felix Sander, the CMO of Appics, he said to me „You have to have the ‚hustle‘!“ - It’s like, you have to grind / to work… Lazy ppl are lazy, because they have no „hustle“!

And Shirin was grindin’, she was hustling, she just made it. My biggest respect to this young girl, I’m really proud of her.

So, whatever you do, keep grinding, keep hustling. Some people grind over 10 years until they are discovered, like Bruno Mars and a lot of other people.

Hustle while they sleep - hustle while they party - and good things will happen to you.



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Hast schon mit einigen interessanten Leuten gearbeitet 👍🏾

Das waren verrückte und inspirierende Zeiten. Alle haben vor sich hin geträumt und gleichzeitig sich in keinster Weise vom Traum ablenken lassen. Man hat es einfach geschehen lassen, denn am Ende kommst du immer dorthin, wo du hingehörst. 😊

Truely inspirational. ..may you grow from strength to strength 👌💛

Love to inspire people. Thank you 😊🔥

Du natürlich Bro 😂 😂 siehst zum anbeißen aus 😂 😂 😂

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