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... TOKENS ⬇️

🔘 Take round about one hour a day to stay active

🔘 Upvote at least 100 new posts in the "new" section throughout the day

🔘 Leave comments on other posts

🔘 Upload good quality pictures

🔘 Set a description wich gives value to your post and other people

🔘 Verificate yourself by uploading a profile picture with a handwritten Appics and the current date on a sheet of paper, to gain more trust. (Wait for an admin comment under your latest post, that you are verificated, then you can change your profile picture again)

🔘 Post only YOUR own unique content, stolen content will be found by the Appics AI or our abusive content team and will be flagged (no rewards)

🔘 Stop selling APX for now, you’ll never get APX for as cheap as now. Use them as voting power.

🔘 Don’t forget to upvote your own posts

🔘 Take part in challenges such as the current #stayhome challenge (check the official @appics account for more information)

🔘 Rent some Voting Power at power.appics.com for 30 days

Did I forget something? May you have another step wich could help people to gain more APX tokens. Let me know :)

🟠 Want to gain some APX TOKENS right now - instantly?

Answer following question in the comments:

If you have to introduce Appics to other people, how do you explain Appics to them? What do you say?


Powered by APPICS - visit us at appics.com%20%0A%0A-%20-%20-%20-%20-%20-%20-%20-%20-%20-%20-%20-%0A%0A%F0%9F%9F%A0%20Want%20to%20gain%20some%20APX%20TOKENS%20right%20now%20-%20instantly?%0A%0AAnswer%20following%20question%20in%20the%20comments:%0A%0AIf%20you%20have%20to%20introduce%20Appics%20to%20other%20people,%20how%20do%20you%20explain%20Appics%20to%20them?%20What%20do%20you%20say?&category=lifestyle&hashtags=business+advice+appics+passion&author=danielschmunk&profileImageUrl=https://s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/appics-content/profileImages/134-1573680191230-640&permlink=appics-v1-appics-im-128704)


I spend much time in facebook besides appics to get real people who make efforts on their contents like photos and videos then i comments there and explain
:you making efforts on your content but see facebook getting benefit from your content and they don't giving you any little penny.nice huh?
But here Appics you can get your efforts value ,you can get rewards for your passion.For more information join (mention)Appics Community 😛😛

First of all i will explain them about blockchain. Because many of them will never trust me that they can get reward by sharing their photos and videos. If i success in this step then i will show the difference between APPICS and other social media. I will explain them that there is no benefit spending most of time there. Here we don't have to be famous to earn like instragram. Or we don't need to make partnership like youtube and facebook. We can earn by just sharing. It will enjoyable also because we also have right to vote other. At the end we are getting reward back also for voting other that's it. I think we should explain people clearly the difference between APPICS and other social media. Also we should advice them to keep patience that is most important in this platform as my opinion

.. ya, thank you very much for your tips, most of them almost everybody should know, but it’s still the old thing between theories and practices...anyway, I explain it as a great super simple app, without needless functions...cool community, no ‘have to do‘s, but always inspiration and effective help..beside the great easy posting-platform with just the filters and functions what are needful, you get real cash in crypto currency...but first of all take a look at the app, if you like it, then you will get surety support and help about the cash thing...btw it’s a perfect start in the crypto currency theme..and sooner or later you can’t refuse informing about it...remember the people who said that they will never need internet or buy a mobile or a smartphone??...they are all online and maybe change their smartphone every few months...and of course, when the corona thing will be done, meetups and other things like this will happen...no fear, you can leave every time..no spam of course... ya, nice people all over the world..possibility to make popular your own business and website... ya, that’s what I say to people who are seriously asking, not just for stealing time, haha...thank you for your post, interesting what people commented...best wishes, enjoy...

thanks mate, appreciate your comment 🔥

Appics is a clone of Instagram but far better as it is built on blockchain which means that it is censorship resistant. Moreover, you can earn real money by just posting your original content on this platform.

Let me first tell my friend the good points about using appics. And I'll tell them that using Facebook all day doesn't do them any good, and on the other hand, if they use appics, they'll enjoy it and they'll be able to make some money on it.

Already I have joined a few of my friends in Appics but I will tell you how. Firstly I will show my wallet balance in appics later I will start telling about it like, this is the way I'm earning money for monthly expenses as you know my salary is less . This is the new social media platform like Instagram which worth spending time in it as it gives rewards based on giving likes, comments and posting picture with good content and also help you to get acquaintance with new friends all over the world, they are so friendly they will help you to grow like anything. It is a blockchain-based application which runs based on steem. It is going to be the biggest social media platform which pulls all into down in future. I want you to be part of it to enjoy rewards where it helps you to grow in future, without having even your job you can enjoy earning in huge in this app just spending time in it.

Like this : Hello bro do you know you can earn money for uploading your pictures just like instagram? If you want to earn then join appics with me this is the first platfrom who rewars its usere just for sharing pictures. Of you wants to know more about appics just visit www.appics.com, buy an account from and start earning. It rewars your passions.

I will explain them APPICS as a platform which can be used as Instagram but in APPICS he/she can earn cryptos by sharing his/her picture,lifestyle,food etc.And also can earn by upvoting and commenting on others activities 😍😍

APPICS is easy to use and here he/she can make lots of fun and enjoyment !! Till now I have able to bring 1 friend and 4 cousin in this amazing platform 😇😇

So helpful tips dear 👍 I will told my friends than not waste your time on Facebook or Instagram.There you got only like and comments but if you join in APPICS you will also get Like & Comment but intersting fact is you will earn real money from APPICS 😍😍 APPICS is an amazing platform to earn crypto by doing fun 🔥🔥

Want some free money? Go to appics.com and start posting photos like on instagram. Easy. Already invited lots people here. Problem is SP. the rest easy

As simple as kind of Instagram, but you can get real rewards not being an influencer even ;)

I will tell my friends, APPICS is way better than any other social media platform. You get PAID by posting quality content, commenting, liking/upvoting someone or your own post. 😊

I will say Appics is an social app BUT this is revolution social app because your post and likes will turn into $ or to currency.

So helpful tips..dear👈👌👌

Yes indeed, all awesome tips that I live by, great job my friend and Happy Easter!!

I love to use appics and i trying to add some new people on appics

Kommse rein schaun se raus 😁

Appics is a decentralized community, join this community and get rewards for your passion

I will explain appics is a platform that works just like instagram where alot of people post contents they are passionate about but there is a great difference; you earn because our passions are ultimately rewarded on APPICS!

APPICS is a platform that’s rewards you for your time unlike other communities that you spend a lot of time and money and get nothing tangible in return....it’s a dream come true......

Diese Kreativität! 😏 Und zu deiner Frage, oft beginnt mein Satz mit: "Lass dich endlich für deinen Aufwand & Content bezahlen, den du auf Social Media betreibst." - ab da folgt ein individuelles Gespräch, aufmerksam sind sie alle, meistens... 😎

Thank you very much for your important tips. Appics is different platform then others social network. It is a platform where people earn reward by sharing their passion like as photos, vedios etc. So I tell my friends the benefit of Appics. I will explain them about blockchain. I also explain them how they get reward from Appics by sharing their passion. Of course, also a good way to explore themselves to the world. I also edvice them to spend time here and share their photos, vedios and other passion they have.

Awesome 👍 A step by step guide with almost all ways to gein APX! n the most important - STOP SELLING APX!

Great tips indeed ..love appics

APPiCS is like a social.media

It’s a great platform and social media that is fun

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