Some #tbt for you guys. Here I’m on a set of a German movie. On this day I learned ...

in #appicslast year

... something about light and its complexity. We worked for round about 4 hours with a team of 6 to 8 people on a light setup to fake a sunrise. We had one big light source and tons of mirrors to give the feeling to the audience, that the scene is happening in the early morning. I was so impressed, that I always had a confused „morning-feeling“ when I entered the location, where we shot the scene. Has any of you ever been to a film setup? 🎥


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No ...! Is surely an amazing learning for you! Maybe you could use yourself...?:) who knows!

I could, but I would't buy a lightbulb wich is using more energy an hour, than my flat in one month 😅

I have never been. But i love to shot video. and its interesting to setup a fake sunset.

Wow, that is so cool and sounds like fun! I actually did security over night a few times in Vancouver watching movie set stuff, the mornings are so busy before I would head home. It was always pretty cool!!

I've never been on a movie set but I know something about light and effects cause I worked stage light for musical festivals etc. Amazing experience and very interesting job. Let there be light!

No , but im interested to know how setup happens in shooting area is really interesting because there we need to use our creativity, mainly our physics knowledge...

yes… 90% and more are already planned… but anyway, you always need a lot of gaffa tape 😁

Wow amazing. Are you the director 😁👍

I never have been to a setup before. But I know light is one cool thing to play with, if you know how to play with it. Lol

Ist schon heftig wie viel Equipment es da braucht... 😏 ich hoffe du bringst mich mal an ein Set... 😁😜🙌

I have been to studio once ,the light setup is quite hectic job..they are the real heroes behind the screens

oh yes.. you can be the best director, actor or whatever, without perfect light, nothing works 👌🏽

Yeah. The sound attracts me even more, but the combination of light and sound can be really amazing if the setup is nicely done. We did a stage for Paul Kalkbrenner, it was magnifecent!

yeah, back in the days I was a big fan of him... nice 👌🏽💯

I've tried in a studio show here in the philippines. Awesome!

Looking cool bro..

Wow! You are really beautiful..all time love you.. Dear 😘😘

You are looking awesome sir

No i have never been on a movie set but it sounds amazing. What movie was it?

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