Two days in a row. Second meet up successful done. I would love to give you some ...

in #appicslast year

... interesting news and sneak peeks what's happening behind this picture... But I'll keep it secret for now. 😏 Instead, feel free to checkout the official @appics account for the latest news about the new feauture "power delegation" or go directly to the website to learn more about how you can boost your visibility on Appics and how to get more rewards. 📈

Next week the #getinshapechallenge is about to reach its final. If you come from hamburg, you can participate in our public workout. Give me a sign in the comment section if you want to join. Lets get in shape together ... 🏋🏼‍♂️

Guys, I wish you all a wonderful, blessed weekend. See you. 💯👌🏼


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Yeah dude I got the pdf from @sirwinchester yesterday really nice. Compared what’s coming soon feels like it is now Stone Age 😂 😂 , so excited 😆

Whaaaa.... can’t wait to know what’s on the list. Fill us in 😉

You two people are like two heads to the appics..

That's so unfair 😩 i want to know the sneak peeks!

Im gonna try the power delegation soon

It is so good. Thanks for shared this information 😊🙂🙂☺

Looks so good 😊😊☺☺🙂

Peas in a pod, peace in your day guys.

Great photo! I will definitely check it out!!

So excited about the new function on APPICS,for sure it would be great to test it out!🔥🔥🔥And you guys with a handsome smile look great!😃

This looks so beautiful.. Nice shot bro..enjoy

Two beautiful face of APPICS 🤗🤗 yeh i heard the news bro,it is so amazing 💥💥

Good ahead Appics 🚀🌛 Happy to see you guys in meeting 💕💕

Beautiful look🙂🙂🙂

Wow so beautiful and good look😍

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