Lol I see both things ;)

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@kaylinart I see 3 things:
-people, palm branches and pidgeons :)

Welcome dado! It’s great to have you here, however we do not support content where you don’t have the owing rights or permission to use the pictures. You are only allowed to post images of where you can prove to have the permission. Please keep that in mind for your future posts, in order to avoid being flagged! Thanks 🙏🏽

Ok, thanks, I will keep that in mind...

LoL, I'll keep my answer to myself.

Congratulations @dado13btc!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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Honestly, on first look it was a Vagina! But then i realised it's just women! 👍🏻

Just a perspective! Sorry if i hurt any sentiments or feelings!

don't bother... just kiddin'

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