Want Moblie STEEM Notifications?!?!? Look No Further!!! 🔥Steemify For The Win🔥 ...

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Seriously never miss a mention or comment again!!!

Developed by non other then our very own @exyle as part of the @blockbrothers witness, available on iOS and Android 👍

If you appreciate what they do then be certain to follow up with a witness vote 👌 maybe go give a thank you on their most recent post while your at it 😘


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Very cool! One correction though, our very own @blockbrothers developer @bennierex coded Steemify and still works on it.

Alright well then... you still get the credit for informing me 😅

Thank You Bennierex 😘

LOL I get a little excited sometimes and don’t look at details 😉

Awesome, thanks for the exposure!

No problem buddy anytime 👌

PS feel free to use the video if you want


Lemme known if yea want anything else done up

Thanks, man! That's very kind.

On behalf of this blocksister thanks d00k 🙋🏼‍♀️

Your welcome my dear 🙌 told Exyle I’d do up a quick video for him since he let me know they just updated to solve the issues on iOS... when you say blocksister are you part of their team also?

I am , the tag says COMMUNITY MANAGER 😉

android version in plan?thank you🙌🏼

Ahh well then at some point you will be hearing from me asking about potential expansion into a sister site I’m involved with 😉

@bennierex is the develloper of the @blockbrothers So when the expension is there we all love to hear about it

Well now I have the name of the person I will need to talk to 😘 just a matter of time till I’m all caught up with things and my focus can shift into possibilities 👍

used it daily back in ios times, now running on android and waiting for it✌🏻are the blockbrothers working on it?🙌🏼

I believe they have an android version out and they just updated the iOS this morning to work again so it’s possible the android is ready to go also 🤞 check out blockbrothers.io

cheers🙌🏼will do

We have some backlog at the moment, but Android is still on the roadmap!

thank you for coming back on it🙌🏼best greetings from barcelona

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This looks amazing ! But is it there an android version? Can't find it!

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