#2020vision: at Acropolis of Athens; 4 pushups for 44 days | Day 44 (last day) ... ...

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... So, today is the last day (day 44) of my participation in the challenge 4 pushups for 44 days. And, I decided to finish the challenge at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The Acropolis was many things throughout the centuries: i.e. a home to kings, a citadel, and a mythical home of the gods.

Thank you so much, @flaxz and @pixiepost for the challenge! And may the ancient gods from the Acropolis be with us (the Steemians)!


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That is a great finish @cryptospa, well done and stay awesome.

Stay awesome 💪, @flaxz!


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Very cool! Nice video! It looks like very good weather there!

Glad you liked the video. Yeah, the weather was perfect 👌. It was 🌞 and very warm - probably, between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Is it Parthenon brother..

Yes, it is the Parthenon.

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You are lucky brother.. This place is on my wishlist..

@priyanarc, Athens is super!

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I like the video! It is amazing to see you finish up the 44 pushup challenge in Athens💪👏

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Great video 🙌 and congratulations 👏 on successfully completing the challenge 💪.
Keep enjoying your weekend, and trip to Athens👍😁

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Hi @cryptospa - what a great place to do some pushups - I would like to encourage you to continue with the #2020vision as now the habit is set
Also, what a great series :)

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