Lisbon, Portugal. Welcome to Lisbon, and the first thing to do is go to the Belém ...

in appics •  7 months ago

... tower. So beautiful!! 😍🏰 . Bienvenidos a Lisboa, y Lo primero que tuve que hacer es ir a la torre de Belém. Hermoso!!


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my dream city . / . ,


Is so nice here... good vibe

Beautiful photo, that castle looks unreal! 👍


Thanks bro, unreal!!!

Superb. Castle on water🙌🙌📸


YES, it is amazing. 🙌🏼

Indeed looks beautiful:)


Thanks man, Lisbon is nice. More pics to come.

It looks so beautiful there😊😊


Thanks man, do not matter which angle you are taking the picture... the result is the same: amazing.


Muchas Gracias.


Thanks man.


Thanks bro


Welcome bro.
Go ahead bro

Beautiful photo! ❤️


Thanks, it really is. 😍

me gusto la foto y dime pudistes entrar y disfrutar de la torre


Muchas Gracias :) No lo hice por linea de personas, a la misma vez tenia prisa para seguir viendo mas cosas alrededor. Les pregunte a las personas que salian del castillo como se veia por dentro y me contestaron "Mucha historia"

Portugal is a great destination!! I went there a few weeks ago too. Here is my post:


Very nice man, like those pics 👍🏼

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