The 5th President, James Monroe's Grave at Hollywood Cemetery

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This is President's Circle in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA USA. It is where the 5th U.S. President, James Monroe is buried. It is the most gorgeous cemetery I have ever seen! It was built in 1860 and has over 30 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and overlooks the James river!

Hollywood Cemetery is one of Richmond's major tourist attractions. There are many local legends surrounding certain tombs and gravesites in the cemetery. There are a lot of famous people buried here as well as lots of soldiers from the Confederate war. One well-know legend one is of a little girl and the black iron statue of a dog standing watch over her grave. I will post that photo sometime.

Other notable legends rely on ghosts haunting the many mausoleums. One of the most well-known of these is the legend of the Richmond Vampire. If you are ever in Richmond you must check out this landmark and view its magnificent beauty!

I'll see you next time with another photo in APPIX!

Chris Love AKA clove71!


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