Hey steem, Im back! 🥰

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Sorry I had to edit this via Steemit because I have no idea that the description is supposed to be the title of this post. This is my first ever post via APPICS. Thanks for the Invitation @appics.

Ok, so now I'm back. What happened to me?

Just a few months, I think 4 months. I decided to take a break for a while, I decided to take a break from Steem and blogging, and I was supposed to post a notice last month but things were really rough at that time since I just recently found a proper job.

The Good News!

The good news is that I am working in a Financial Industry called John Hancock | ManuLife here in the Philippines. It has been an amazing 3 months for me working inside the company.

Other Good News!

Inside those 3-4 months of taking a break from the Steem community, me and my friend decided to collaborate together with his game streaming via FB-LIVE. We made almost 100k engagements from December to last week of Januaray. My partnership together with @lequiry gaming made his page now at 1k followers, and that is a good news.

My job in our partnership is to handle meme posts which relates to the recent trends in our country. Since FaceBook automatically feeds you with related posts from the post you made. Ill be posting more about it tomorrow for his crowdfunding project.

About the Photo Post?

Ohh yizz.. Thanks to my colleague who took this photo last week during Valentines Day. Im looking forward on posting more Instagrammable photos here. ;)


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Thanks man, I had to edit my post.

Welcome back !tip !shop

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Kombate kudasai ster... welcome back

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Yay! Welcome back, dearest @chuuuckie and congratulations on all the good news!

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Welcome back master... I think you will bring some aliens here MIB 😁

Welcome back, lots of changes in the last 4 months