Welcome 2020 and with that I'll say, I am so happy that our son, @zaclucas, is feeling ...

in #appics3 years ago

... better now.

He got sick just before Christmas and we were in and out of hospitals where he had to get a dextrus more than once.

Thank you everyone for a decent 2019 and thank you Steem for still chugging along.

P.S. Happy belated New Year @steemit!!


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Happy new year Chris. Good to hear your son is well now.

Thank you @pennsif 🙂👍

Good to hear that he's better now. May be he needed to be cleansed before the arrival of the new year :D Happy new year to you too.

Yeah, maybe . . Happy New Year @himalayannomad and thank you for sticking around @steemit.

I'm happy you're still here 🙂👍

happy new year, you are a good family

Thank you @travelwithus and Happy New Year to you & your family too 🙂✋

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